Hallelujah! Miss Universe is This Saturday!

In case you missed it, you can listen to my interview on Amy Beth Arkawy’s blogtalk radio show any time you feel like it.  Just let our dulcet tones delight you.  Click here.  I did my best to be charming, interesting, and not sound too much like I come from the Sticks.

Today, the Tiara Trouble blog tour continues at My Devotional Thoughts, where you will find a review, a guest post, and a giveaway.  You know, I queue these blog entries up the night before, so I have no idea what the reviews are like when I am writing.  I am always shaking in my boots!  If I had boots.  My calves are too big for boots.  It’s a family trait.

In other news, the Miss Universe pageant is on this coming Saturday.

Miss USA is rocking my WORLD in her national costume.  Erin Brady is my new pageant hero.

Erin Brady, Miss USA


Miss Brazil is taking a page out of Destinee Faith Miller’s book

Jakelyne Oliveira, Miss Brazil


From TIARA TROUBLE.  Destinee is talking about outfitting one of her toddlers for the Tiny Miss Proverbs 31 pageant.  Now, you tell me Miss Brazil isn’t doing the Carnaval version of this:

“–I figured we’d make up for it with the Choir Couture.

That one was going to be genius! Ainsley was going to come out in a white, bedazzled choir robe—onto which I had personally affixed over a thousand tiny crystals—with massive white wings and a darling halo. When she hit her mark center stage, she would spread her arms, and the wings themselves would open like an accordion with a full choir painted onto them and lock into place. Little Ainsley would look like the solo artist in front of a 20 person choir. Patricia would hit another remote button and Handel’s Hallelujah Chorus would start up.

Granted, all that rig was too heavy for Ainsley to wear and walk in at the same time, so Daddy rigged up a little platform on wheels, and we did it up to look like a cloud. Ainsley’s father would pull the platform along, across the stage, and all she’d need to do was stand there and look holy.”




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