I have several more Cozy Cat Press authors to introduce to you, and I’m going to start doing that on Mondays.  Monday is a nice day to meet authors, don’t you think?  Also, when I started researching to sign up TIARA TROUBLE for blog tours, I realized that I have a blog.  This means that I can be a stop on blog tours!  This means I can read books, meet more authors, and tell you all about them.  Isn’t that exciting?  I think so.

I’ve already got two books in my reader, and you’ll see those reviews coming toward the end of September.

Between you and me, unless a book is NIGHT TRAVELS OF THE ELVEN VAMPIRE kind of bad (link to Irene’s review–NSFW, but that’s not Irene’s fault), I won’t be posting a bad review.  If I wouldn’t give a book at least 3 stars, I’m not going to acid rain all over another writer’s parade.

If you blog, and if you enjoy reading (free) books and reviewing them, I highly recommend signing up to host virtual blog tours.  Writers from smaller publishing houses, and indie writers have to get very creative about promoting their work, and will likely put in as much time trying to market a publication as they did drafting it in the first place.  It never hurts to expand your circle of influence either.  Never know who is going to be the next Big Thing.

I’m getting ready to read a book with goats in the title and a one-eyed soldier in the description.  I expect great things from it.