Imma Let You Finish…A Random Listicle

As usual these days, I have forty things I want to write about, and no time to do it.  So let’s have a listicle*:

  1. My author bio is up on the Cozy Cat Press author page!  You have to scroll down to the bottom of the page, and click on my big, cheesy grin.
  2. I have seen a mock-up of my book cover and it is splendid!  All the most important things about Destinee are represented, and I couldn’t be happier.
  3. My child turned 8.  Because I could, I took a few days off and we celebrated his birthday for many, many days, just hanging out and doing things he enjoys.  I was rewarded with excellent behavior and many, many hugs.
  4. My Twitter and FB feeds have been popping up with a lot of lists, lately.  Lists for writers, by writers, about how to write more better.  While I do think it is important to read what your would-be contemporaries and peers have to say about their own processes (because you can never have too many good ideas), I think it is dangerous to present “This is my process,” as, “This should be THE writing process.”  Writing is creating.  No one can tell you what your creative process is–sometimes, you can’t even explain it to anyone else.  If you want advice on how to write a book that sells, talk to agents, editors, and publishers, not artists.  Artists can only tell you what THEY did to get sold.  So take the advice of artists with a grain of salt.  Take the advice of those who sell the actual art very seriously.
  5. Recently, I have seen a lot of things that have made me want to ask, “What the devil do you have on your head?”  Most of those things were hairstyles.
  6. I was helping my mother move some things around, and I found a bunch of Elvis records.  This made me remember that I was behind the Arcadia Theater in 1988, watching Simon Le Bon vandalize the backstage door.  Someone had written, “Elvis is King,” and he add the letters W-A-N to the front of the last word.  Now, I cannot see Elvis without giggling.  Elvis is King.  Elvis is WANKing.  Naughty.
  7. I also found some photos from 1996.  You know what is the worst part of breaking up with someone?  Finding old pictures where you look so freaking amazing, but are posed so that your erstwhile love cannot be removed from the photo.
  8. I also took a vacation from the news while I was spending time with The Boy.  I have come back to it today, and wish I’d remained ignorant.  Not really, but geez.
  9. Ant bite on my ankle.  Ow.
  10. Dear True Blood, If you give Tara Hep-V (without a cure arc), we are FINISHED.  Sincerely, Me
  11. I always find it fascinating when [this particular one of] my former employers are in the news.  Fascinating and repulsive.

*Specifically called a Listicle for Arwen.

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