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Adopting Orphan

I am obsessed with Orphan Black–like, dreaming about it obsessed. So delighted with it that I haven’t even spoiled myself to what is upcoming! And what’s the attraction? 100% the cast.

Tatiana Maslany plays Sarah Manning, a streetwise foster punk, who sees Beth Childs, also played by Maslany, commit suicide-by-train. Manning seizes the opportunity to steal Childs’ identity, and winds up in a mess of intrigue when she is confronted by Katja Obinger (played by Maslany), who inadvertently introduces her to Alison Hendrix (Maslany), Cosima Niehaus (Maslany), and the mysterious Helena (Maslany).

I want you to know that Tatiana Maslany is my new favorite actress. On a regular basis, in any give episode, Maslany is playing 4 different, fully formed characters–sometimes playing one of those characters, pretending to be another of the characters. She is stellar at it. Yes, the various accents give out here and there, but on the whole, she has created characters that are so distinct, you could tell which is which just by the posture.

Most remarkable is that each character has her moments of drama, humor, and romance, and Maslany manages to play each one differently, and without chewing the scenery. I mean, how many different ways can you lean in for a kiss? I’ve counted 3 variations so far.

The story telling is paced well, and the supporting cast is all excellent, including Maria Doyle Kennedy, who I always recall from The Commitments, but the rest of the world remembers from The Tudors and Downton Abbey. I want her to sing. Maybe we could get a karaoke scene?

I like the show so well, that it will either fall apart horribly in the second season, or it won’t get renewed past a third. Either way, this first season is as close to perfect as a show can get. If you haven’t already, start watching it.

1 thought on “Adopting Orphan”

  1. I really enjoyed Orphan Black. It’s got a lot of twists you just don’t see coming and I have to totally agree on the acting. Masterful.

    Have you seen the whole first season?

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