Product Reviews: Facing the Sun

I asked for recommendations on tinted moisturizers/BB creams with SPF factors last month, and got in a slew of great suggestions.  I love when people love their products, and have something that works well for them!  It’s like me with my Urban Decay eyeliner.  I. Love. It.

What I needed was a tinted moisturizer that would help block the sun from my face, give me a little color, but let my skin breathe.  I hate foundation, and I hate feeling oily, so I usually stick to powder, but I’m facing the fact that at 42, my skin needs a little extra something.

Cosmetics are relative, though.  What works for my skin might make you break out, dry up, or both at the same time.  I tried a few different BB creams, and have finally settled on one.  I’ll tell you what I tried.

1.  Garnier  Several people said they loved this one.  It does not work for me at all.  As far as coverage goes, it is great, but my face feels disgusting.  The cream is thick and heavy, leaves a tacky feeling, and my face felt like it was suffocating.  Does not work in the Texas heat.

2.  Mary Kay  Better, but still not quite right for me.  Coverage is excellent, and it’s a nice, soft finish.  It’s still a little heavy, and it made me break out near my hairline.

3.  Almay  So this one is exactly the right weight, but the color is terrible.  The coverage is good, the finish is fine, my skin felt terrific in it…but I am not gray.

4.  Covergirl  This is it.  Good color.  Good coverage.  Great finish.  My skin could breathe.  I did break out at my hairline, but not terribly.  Also, the price is right.  I’m a covergirl girl!  (I shouldn’t brag about that, should I?)

None of the creams did exactly what I wanted, and I did still have to powder them to get the matte look I prefer, but for the value, I couldn’t beat the covergirl for a tinted moisturizer with an SPF factor.

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