Watch This Space

After 2.5 weeks of what amounts to full press work for me, I am back to my natural state of needing a nap.  Granted, for those 2.5 weeks I was only getting about 2 hours of sleep each night, and was burning the brain candle down to nothing.  But that’s me.  I have two speeds: Full on, and needing a nap. 

Because I need a nap, instead of writing anything new, I’ve been going back over things written in 2008.  You know what I love?  I love when I can pick something up, having forgotten it was written in the first place, and get lost in the story, get tickled by the storytelling, and find myself tearing up or laughing in the right places.  I love when enough time has passed that I can read like a Reader, and not The Writer.  I’m a hard sell, and I’m a harder sell when it’s my own work–just ask poor, long-suffering Nicole about that one–so that feels really good.  I love when characters resonate and stand up to a 5 year lull in the conversation.

I do forget a lot of what I write.  Once it’s from my brain to my fingers, it’s gone.  This is why I have to keep actual notes of character names, ages, and little relationship trees so that I don’t have to go back through a document trying to find out what Lloyd’s last name was, or if Sparky was married to Bubba or Nimrod.  Or spelling, I have to keep notes about how names are spelled.

Anyway, you won’t see as many posts from me for a while because I’m working on submissions.  I will keep you posted.  Watch this space.

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