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I had a really funny conversation at the nail salon today.  To read about  it, click here to go to my new blog devoted exclusively to all things romantic:  La Voie de L’Amour.

B pointed out, recently, that the boy is old enough to be embarrassed by my internet antics, so I won’t be posting so much about Thor anymore.  You’ll just have to trust that he is brilliant and beautiful, and the best kid I could ever have hoped to meet.  Fortunately for me, Hoo has no such sense of self, so I can write about him forever.

We’re going to the beach soon, and taking the dog with us.  I forsee many opportunities for personal growth in the areas of patience, patience, and patience.  And learning how to get sand out of dog fur, which will likely require patience.  As much as I am looking forward to the beach, I am not looking forward to finding out what wet dog smells like when it is sea water wet. 

Any ideas for things to do with a dog on the beach?  Other than chase after him, trying to grab for his leash, yelling, “No!  NO!  Come back!”


Happy. That about covers it.

One thought on “Woof

  1. Yeah, I had to dial it back once I realized a) Meg was old enough to find and read things on the Internet and b) that meant her friends were, too. So I hid most of the kid-stuff in a family-only blog, and I put some pics on FB now and then.

    Suggestions for beach doggy: I imagine I will be learning this for myself later this summer (should the dog plans go through), but I would think: find something that floats that he can run out to fetch?

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