Pranks for the Memories

April Fools! 

I have no jokes to give.  My pranks run more to things like waiting until you turn out the light to snatch your pillow out from under your head, and that’s for a very specific audience, so forgive my lack of participation.  Sadly, I fall for just about every April Fools prank.  The year they were saying Taco Bell had bought the Liberty Bell, I just shook my head and sighed.  Corporate America…taking over everything.  And every moron who posts that they are pregnant, I congratulate like the easy mark I am. 

Easter was gorgeous this year.  Once the thunderstorms had passed, the weather was perfect, and we celebrated with a Lego party.  Thor had told his grandmother that he thought the best thing in the world would be for Mammaw (who is good at Legos), Granddad, Daddy, Grandma, Uncle Chris (who is the hands-down favorite of the bunch) and me to sit and play Legos with him.  So, we arranged a surprise party as his Easter gift.  You could not have found a happier boy yesterday.

He went to bed with the Lego spaceship he had built, and brought it to me this morning, bragging that both Daddy and Uncle Chris had helped him put it together.  He was still crowing. 

That boy is a delight.  Even when he is indulging the worst of his 7-year-old traits, that boy is a sheer delight.


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