Stuff I Like–Or it could just be the Lemon Drop talking

Wanna know about some great stuff?

First, if you like martinis, but you’re like me and your mixology is mythology, Modern Martinis is a great way to make the breakfast bar feel like…well, you get it.  I picked up a set of mixers at CVS, of all places, and put the Lemon Drop to the test.  I’m a Lemon Drop snob–I was pleased!

Just add vodka.

5 stars.


This BarkOff Ultrasonic Training Aid (AS SEEN ON TV!) got terrible reviews on, but I bought it without reading those.  So far, so good?  Hoo has been rather annoying with the yapyapyapping at the neighbors, and the squirrels, so rather than putting a bark collar on him, I thought I’d give $7 and a 9-volt a try.  He’s given a few yips, but stopped at one, and hasn’t had a full barking fit since I flipped the On switch.


Currently, 5 stars

We’ve also had a bit of trouble with chewing.  As in, Hoo likes chewing.  So, again, before reading the reviews, I bought some Top Paw Outdoor Bitter No Chew Spray.  It was potent enough that as I sprayed it, Hoo would run up, sniff at it and run away snorting at me.  That dog is MAD at me today, but that has to do with the visit to the vet more than anything else.

Stop eating my tablecloths!

Seemingly 5 stars.

One response to “Stuff I Like–Or it could just be the Lemon Drop talking”

  1. Lane, I usually love your reviews, but I must make a brief correction. None of the drinks made with that kit are Martinis. They are all wonderful cocktails, but a Martini is specifically Gin, a few drops of dry Vermouth, bruised and neat, garnished with either olives or a twist of lemon.

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