It has to be an auspicious date, given that it is the last repetitive calendar date we’ll see for a while.  Likely, it is the last repetitive calendar date I will see..  How will the world have changed when 12/12/2112 rolls around?  What will maps look like?  How will people get around?  What forms of communication will people use?

Auspicious is what you make of it.  I’m not superstitious.  I believe luck is made through lifestyle, so I don’t expect good or ill to befall me because of cats, ladders, or salt–although, there was that one time when a black cat not only crossed my path as I pulled into a parking space, but then walked around the side of my car and GOT INTO IT WITH ME.  It was my first day on a new job, and I probably should have taken that for the omen it turned out to be. 

I do believe in backwoods magic, though.  If only because I’m sure it can all be explained by science, just no one can get the Fire or Wart Talker to talk to them, so no one can study how their voodoo works.  At the most general, we can explain it through the placebo effect.  You can be a skeptic (like me) and still acknowledge that things happen.  You don’t need to know the why to know the has.

Those are my deep thoughts for the day.

If I live to see 2/2/2102, I’ll update you on Fire Talkers.

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