Tis feeling like the Season, finally.  We woke up to temperatures in the 20s this morning, and a dusting of snow on our rooftops and car hoods.  My yard flamingo had a patch of platinum “hair” on his head.  I should have taken a picture, but I am killing all my FB friendships with over-sharing photos as it is.

I am the person who is always grabbing the camera.  I know there is a school of thought that we should spend less time documenting moments, and more time enjoying them, but I find that I am fully able to multi-task, which leaves me with mementos to enjoy for years to come.  How Baby Thor looked in a grocery basket?  I wouldn’t necessarily remember the exact fit.  What B looked like the night we met?  That I could have told you, but it’s nice to have record of it.  My mom sharing a milkshake with my son?  My dad cooing to him?  My grandmother holding him on her lap?  Those candid moments are priceless to me, and I would photograph them again and again.  I would take more pictures.  I am the photographer of My Life magazine, and I am awesome.

I sat through a viewing of Mean Girls, last night.  It was showing on MTV, and I will always stop and watch that like I will always stop and watch The Breakfast Club.  Once again I looked at Lindsay Lohan and thought, “Where did you go?”  It made me think about the families of the Cowboys’ Jerry Brown and Josh Brent.  I thought about all kinds of mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, and children who are without someone they love very much because of poor choices with alcohol and drugs. 

Be careful out there, Friends.  Don’t drink and drive.  Don’t get into a car with someone who is drinking.  Drive especially defensively this time of year, watching out for the people whose judgment has turned them into vehicular weapons of mass destruction.