Thor’s school extorted a frozen turkey from us this morning.  This meant, because I was too sapped to go fight the grocery store last night, that I got up an hour earlier than usual to go to the grocery store in the a.m.  I bought the smallest turkey available, a 13lb bird, put it in a paper sack and showed Thor how to “carry it like a baby,” so he could get it into the school.  It was kind of funny to watch him waddling down the school breezeway with it. 

For the past five years, we have always had our Thanksgiving dinner at India Palace.  The good of it was that we love Indian food, and didn’t have any dishes to clean up.  The bad of it was that we never had leftovers.  This year, we are going to celebrate with our godfamily, and do it up right.  I am panicking a little because while I’ve never quite learned to cook for only 3 people, I have also never learned to cook for more than 4.  We’ll see what happens.

While I am on Thanksgiving, how about I give some thanks?

I am most thankful for my family and their health, and my health.  I am thankful for the ability to appreciate my family.  Every day I realize how fortunate I am, and I realize that there are probably a thousand little things I take for granted every morning–like clean socks, and good coffee, and hot water, and toothpaste, and toenail clippers (and the ability to reach my own toes), and windshield wipers, and seat warmers–and I am thankful for the luxury of taking those things for granted.

If you’ve got a dollar left over to share with someone less fortunate, and you aren’t sure where to give, consider adding that dollar to a tip you leave someone.  Having been a server, I can tell you that every cent adds up!


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