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Meet Miss Pistol

I tell you what, I know some of the most interesting people in the world.  I am just lucky that way.  And you’re lucky because I like introducing people.  I should really get back to work on the Women Worth Knowing Project, but while I am procrastinating about that, I can’t let you miss Miss Pistol.

I was sitting in a training session for work, talking with a colleague, only to find out that she is the owner/operator of the Miss Pistol Ladies Gun Club and Concealed Handgun Training school.  I was giddy and squirmy because I secretly enjoy shooting at things, but I know that’s not politically correct or ladylike, and so often you say “gun” only to have someone shout “control!”  I don’t like shooting at people or animals, and I don’t like video game shooting, but I love nailing targets.  I begged for an air rifle until I got one for my 12th birthday, and I spent a lot of time making my own targets and shooting at cans.

Meet Miss Pistol.

From her website, Miss Pistol says:

I didn’t even hold a real gun in my dainty little hands until my early twenties when I first started living alone. I did do some damage with a bb gun when I was a kid but that’s another story. My dad let me borrow his handgun to try and keep me out of harms way. When I got it home, I literally picked it up with my index finger and my thumb, like you would a dead rat, and gingerly placed it in my nightstand. I felt safer but I worried about it. What if “harms way” literally knocked on my door or worse… barreled through it? The most I would have probably done was point the gun at him for a few seconds until he figured out I was more scared of the gun than him and just snatch it from me.

Luckily for me, my boyfriend wouldn’t leave me alone about learning how to use my dad’s gun, and was a willing and able tutor. He took me to the gun range for the first time and taught me how to handle a gun safely and how to shoot it. He even paid for me to get a Texas Concealed Handgun License, and shortly thereafter, I bought my own gun. In learning how guns work I’ve learned to respect their power yet not be too scared of them anymore. I’m confident in my shooting accuracy and feel safe knowing my gun can help me protect myself if ever needed.

I’m always so amazed at how my girl friends are astonished that I carry a gun, and it finally dawned on me that that many girls (and even men) aren’t as lucky as I am. They may not have grown up around guns, or maybe don’t have friends that could help them out. If they are independent and brave enough to try to learn about guns on their own they are bound to walk into a world filled with confusing terminology, acronyms, and scary looking fellows that could not get on a beginners level if they tried!

Not any more. Every post on is guaranteed to be clear and concise without using confusing terminology or acronyms. You’ll find helpful images and videos to make learning easy. Together we’ll remove the fear and fog surrounding guns, and have fun doing it!

Tell me this doesn’t look like an awesome gun club!

I know guns are a loaded issue.  They should be.  Guns should be taken very seriously, and gun safety should be taken very seriously.  (I was thinking about that watching Once Upon a Time, last week.  I wonder how many people have accidentally shot someone, copying media interpretations of gun-handling?)  Harm’s Way has come barreling through my door before, and I did have access to a gun, but I was afraid to touch it back then.  My situation was resolved when one of my home invaders chickened out and ran, and the others ran after him, but it could very easily have gone the other way.  Even the 9-1-1 operator was concerned that I wasn’t armed to defend myself.  That’s why I am glad for women like Miss Pistol, who are striving to make it safer for women to arm themselves.

I intend to sign up for her December CHL class so I can learn properly.  And then I’m joining that gun club and I’m going to go shoot at things!  (Like her nifty Flower Power targets–because I really don’t enjoy shooting at shapes of people.  I don’t even want to shoot paper people.)

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