On the Tube

I’ve had a lot on my mind, so very little on my blog lately.  Lack of content doesn’t mean lack of activity.  Stress squeezes shut the word flow, but I expect I’ll be back to my usual yackity self in a week, or so.

I started watching Once Upon a Time over the weekend, and am nearly finished with Season One.  I love all things Ginnfer Goodwin, so this was going to be a win for me anyway, but I found myself surprisingly fond of Jennifer Morrison.  I couldn’t stand her on House, and she really annoyed me on How I Met Your Mother, so I wasn’t expecting to like her here.  In fact, she’s what kept me from watching the show sooner.  This character suits her well, and I find myself thinking that she’s really a great actor.

Claire Danes is another who has never impressed me much, but whose acting has won me over on Homeland.  I’ve liked Damian Lewis for a long time, so watching him wasn’t going to be an issue, and I will never turn down Inigo Montoya.  I expected to be eye-rolly and full of haterade for Danes.  Nope.  I have been so delighted by her acting that I want to invent awards just so she can win them.

Downton Abbey has been bleak this season, and I am so sick of the Bates/Anna storyline that I’d like to see the Spanish Flu come through again and put them out of my misery.  Bryan feels the same way about the Gillian/Cathouse storyline on Boardwalk Empire, which is making me very uncomfortable this go around.  I don’t like Nucky-the-Gangster.  I like Nucky-the-Conflicted-Nearly-Gangster.  I do like Margaret, but since I ship Nucky/Margaret, I am unhappy at their state of affairs. 

When is Rome coming back on?  I could use some Jeremy Irons mugging.


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