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Hot Mama

Anyone who has ever done the school run in the morning can tell you that some moms look like they have just given up on life.  Anyone who has ever tried to get a child to school on time has probably felt like giving up on life, so who can blame them when their sartorial choices reflect having had to chase a child around the house cajoling, begging, issuing warnings and threats until finally shuttling them into a vehicle to transport them to school?
I am sick.  Sick, sick, sick.  Swallowing feels like I have hemorrhoids in my throat.  So, for the second time this year already, I have given up on getting dressed to drive Thor to school.  Please note my outfit:
I am wearing B’s windshirt, which is 4 sizes too large, over my green nightgown, over cropped leggings, with a pair of children’s Hungry Caterpillar socks (so stretchy!), black ballet flats, and Birth Control glasses.  I look hot.  Hot like I am running a fever and need to be quarantined.
Untitled #32
This is one of the things I love about Polyvore: No matter what I am wearing, so long as I can find a picture of it, I can build a set to show you what I am wearing.  It’s like paper dolls, only you are your own doll.

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