What I Like About You

Today is my husband’s birthday.  And here are 36 reasons I love him–one for every birthday he’s had.

  1. He is as kind and loving to my parents as he is to his own.
  2. He is kind and loving to his parents.
  3. He treats me like I am his friend.
  4. He will spend part of his birthday at a friend’s child’s birthday party because he loves our friends, and because he knows Thor would enjoy it.
  5. His capacity for knowledge is boundless.
  6. His ability to manipulate that knowledge into understanding is unparalleled among our peers.
  7. His ability to use that understanding to make intelligent sense of any subject always impresses me.
  8. When you add to all that his ability to maintain what he has learned…well, I live with a genius.
  9. He uses his genius powers for good.
  10. He holds his son and hugs him, and kisses him, and he tells him how much he is loved.
  11. He is a very good father.
  12. He is always willing to help.
  13. When I forget, he makes the bed in the morning.
  14. He sings to himself when he is contented and happy.
  15. He uses funny voices when he reads to Thor.
  16. He is the best movie-going companion I’ve ever had.
  17. He is the best road trip companion I’ve ever had.
  18. He is always considerate when I am sick.
  19. He shares his books.
  20. Because when we first started dating, he caught me dancing by myself in an aisle at Barnes & Noble, and instead of laughing, he danced, too.
  21. Because he will listen to my music and only tease me good-naturedly about it.
  22. He has excellent taste in art and architecture.
  23. He is actually interested in going to see art and architecture.
  24. He is full of adventure,
  25. but he is not careless.
  26. He can be spontaneous, but is never impetuous.
  27. He works very hard for our family.
  28. He works very, very hard for our family.
  29. He never yells at me, or berates me, or tries to make me feel small when I’ve made a mistake.
  30. He is an excellent husband.
  31. His laugh makes my insides light up.
  32. He is gentle with Thor’s feelings–sometimes more so than I am.
  33. He is kind to my friends.
  34. He does his level best to make me happy.
  35. He makes me laugh.
  36. I can trust him, I respect him, and I genuinely like him as a person.

This is by no means a comprehensive list.  It’s just the first 36 things off the top of my head–and it took no time at all to get them down.


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