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Peacocks and Pea Brains

Ladies, when men like Joe Peacock self-identify as jackholes through their derisive ranting about women who aren’t exactly like what they think women should be like, or who don’t act exactly as they think women should act, don’t be offended.  Be thankful.  He has weeded himself out of polite society and the dating pool, as have his hangers-on. 

What I find really amusing about the Booth Babe rant is that he is angry at good looking women for putting on costumes to get attention at comic conventions.  You’re only allowed to wear a costume if you are a Level 24 magic dwarf with the Flaming Sword of Moronico and 1500+ hours of WOW under your belt in the past 2 month period.  You may not wear a costume and attend a con if you just happen to like the costume, dressing up, and hanging out with other likeminded cosplayers.  No cred?  No costume for you!  Bless his heart. 

It’s the equivalent of saying that if you haven’t played college football and can quote stats from SuperBowl III, you shouldn’t wear a team jersey.  It is ridiculous.  It is sad.  Peacock is clearly afraid that his once underappreciated territory is going to be overrun with with Princesses, Jocks, and Socs.  In other words, Peacock is clearly afraid of being stuffed in a locker.

The thing that is supposed to be so fantastic about being an adult is no longer having to conform to the identities forced upon us by adolescence, when our brain chemistry is so awash with growth hormones that few of us can multi-task beyond being either a Goat Roper or a Goth.  God forbid you be fifteen, love the Cure and Randy Travis.  In Peacock’s world, God forbid you be a grown-up who isn’t fully devoted to the nuance of the Star Fleet uniform.  You can’t be a Geek and a Princess at the same time.

Although, there is great potential for Geek/Furry crossover if you’re into Ewoks.

Anyway:  Don’t be mad at Mr. Peacock.  His name is indicative of his issues.  Especially if it’s his joystick he uses for thinking.

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