Thanks to Emily for turning me on to Bountiful Baskets!  This will likely cut my produce spending in half.  Possibly more, since I am learning more about cooking produce.

In a few days, I will roll out a whole new article about Emily’s latest endeavor with her friend Adriane.  Together, they have created Basement Baubles, a place where you can reimagine your favorite old, out of date, or broken jewelry into something stylish and new.  Emily had on a pair of earrings the other night, and I went berserk over them.  They turned out to be Adriane-reimagined from an older piece she had, and they were amazing.  For right now, here is the link to their store.

I am working on my 1lb a week goal again…again.  I’m not going to be posting about it here, though.  I have started a discussion group over on My Fitness Pal, and you are welcome to join us there!  It’s called 1 a Week.  I’m creative like that.

2 thoughts on “Tidbits”

  1. I have used bountiful baskets for quite some time. They have wonderful sour dough bread that I freeze to use as needed. They bulk produce I purchase to make large batches of salsa, jellies, etc and put up for later use…ENJOY!!!!

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