Things I Would Tell My 14-Year-Old Self

  1. Don’t get that haircut.
  2. Rebel by asking a friend to hem your skirt, rather than by hiding from Mrs. Potts in the nurse’s office.  The one will make your social life a lot better, the other will just make you have to work that much harder to pass Algebra.
  3. Be nicer to the boys who like you.  Regardless of what you’ve been told, they really are more afraid of you, than you are of them.
  4. You are not fat.  You are not even chubby.  However, you are short, and you will never get much taller.  Ditch the plans to be a supermodel now, and concentrate on something that doesn’t require so much length of leg.
  5. You feel like an outsider because every teenager feels like an outsider.  I don’t know why I would bother telling you this because it is impossible for you to hear me around the tidal waves of hormone washing through your brain, but it is true.
  6. Those girls you think you’d like to be friends with:  Go for it.  When you grow up, you’ll find out they wanted to be friends with you, too.
  7. Those girls your mother keeps telling you aren’t really your friends:  Listen to her.  It will save you a lot of heartache.
  8. Read more Voltaire.
  9. Paint more.
  10. Try to get some sleep, kid.



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