Chef Lane

Ups and Downs

I was in a training class on the 27th floor of our downtown location today.  Close to the end of our session, there was a loud bang, the floor started shaking, and black smoke started billowing past the window.  There was some concern.  I called B to see if he could Google and find out if my building was falling down.  Fortunately, it was not.  It was simply a matter of a food truck having caught fire down below.  That didn’t explain why the floor was shaking, or the loud banging we were hearing, but as long as the building itself wasn’t on fire, or falling down I was happy.

View from the 27th Floor.


While we were regrouping, I opened my email to find this:

Greetings ABC Cooking Show Applicant!  Thank you for submitting your pre-registration online for the exciting first season of  the new ABC  Cooking  Show.  We thank you for your interest and are excited to move you forward in the casting process. 


Listen, I’m excited to have made it THAT far.  That’s pretty nifty.  Even if it goes no further, I’ll always know that my answers to their questions were intriguing enough that they found me somewhat interesting.  Yay!

So wish me luck and send me your favorite recipes, because if I do land this thing, I’ll need a cache.

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