Loving People so Much You Cry

My little bud spent the weekend with Grandma, and when he came home last night, he had a serious case of the left-Grandma-blues.  He sobbed his eyes out for an hour, even after talking to her on the phone and securing her promise to pick him up from camp on Monday.  I was holding him and telling him about my grandparents, and it was all I could not to start sobbing right along with him.

1989. Boom Pa and me.

I told him about how we used to drive to Georgia to see my Grandma and Boom-Pa, and how I would cry from Columbus, GA to Montgomery, AL every time we left them.  And, if they drove that first leg to Montgomery with us, I would cry from Montgomery to Selma.  And by cry, I mean sob like someone was trying to pull my spleen out through my belly button. 

Boom and Mom in 1943.

 What was the most bittersweet was that I can remember sitting in my mom’s lap, around Thor’s same age, crying because I wanted to be with my grandparents.  And, I can remember Mom telling me about her grandparents, and about how she used to cry for them.  She would cry especially for her Poppy, like I cried for Boom-Pa. 

I had Granny and Grandaddy until I was 21 and 22, respectively.  I had Boom until I was 32, and Grandma until I was 35.  I was incredibly fortunate.PhotobucketThor, my Grandma, and me in 2005. She would pass away within the month this photo was taken. I am so glad we have this!

 It wouldn’t do me any good to cry now, but I still miss them.  I am thankful I had them to love, and had them to love me.  I am even more thankful that Thor has Grandma, and Mammaw & Granddad, and Peepaw & Barbara to love, and to love him.

Peepaw and Thor, and the passing down of collector cars from one generation to another. It was fitting that Thor had chosen his Mustang tshirt for the day.

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