Thursday in the Rain

I have vacation envy.  All my coworkers are having vacations, and mine isn’t until August.  Ah, well. 

It’s been unseasonably rainy and cool here, and I am loving that.  What I am not loving is the traffic that goes with the rain.  Texans are hardly able to stay on the road in the best of conditions, but you add a little water to the road and it’s like Bambi on ice.  Bryan and I were texting each other roads to avoid last night.  “Don’t go down X.”  “Ok.  Don’t try to go down 5.”  “Where are you?”  “I’m at Y.”  “Get off on T because Y is at a dead stop at Y and V.”  “Ok.”  (And by texting, I mean I was talking into the voice recognition feature on my phone while sitting perfectly still, not punching keys while I was driving.  I’m not a native Texan.)

You know, I feel very fortunate to have a spouse who cares enough to help redirect me in traffic.  I like him a lot, and I think that liking counts for more than just about anything else.  I’m also very fortunate to also have the “anything else” going for him, too.

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