Five months into the year, I finally kicked off my “entertain/socialize more” resolution from New Year with a little garden dessert party, which was very, very satisfying.  I know some really wonderful people, and I was happy to have so many of them gathered in one place.  I was also happy to feel like I could set up a good looking space for our dessert spread.

I showed you how I recovered my cafe table set for the party.  I recovered my patio dining table and chairs with a red-on-red tonal, print tablecloth by Paula Deen, also purchased at Ross for $4, and I used another $4 Paula Deen print as a tablecloth for a little card table, where we set up prizes and food.

I think things mixed and mismatched nicely.


For the party, I made brownies, mini-cupcakes, and soft pretzels.  My friend, Francine, made some amazing lemon sugar cookies, and we also had a cheese tray.  For drinks, we went through two pitchers of lemonade and some ginger ale, and those of us who imbibe had Birthday Cake cocktails:  1 part Cake flavored vodka, to 2 parts ginger ale, on the rocks.

Mini-angle food cupcake with chocolate icing (piped on with a ziplock bag that I cut the corner out of) topped with a mini-marshmallow.
And the mini-red velvet cake cupcake with cream cheese icing (same piping technique), topped with a stemmed, maraschino cherry. I based these off of one of my screen print designs. Food imitating art!
Cupcake Ninja! You can still order these, by the way. $25 for a tshirt. If you want one, contact me through


So, great party!  No one cried.  No one threw up.  No one salted the earth in front of my door.  And Thor got to play with my friend Emily’s delightful daughter, who is the teensiest, most adorable, fairy-pirate I know.

Here, Thor coaches MissA on her frisbee grip.