Falling Out of Bed

If this were LiveJournal, I would set my mood as “accomplished.”  It isn’t even 10am, and I have already been to work (and sent home because I’m not supposed to be there until 11:30 today–oops!), to Home Depot, and reconfigured Thor’s bed to alleviate his (and my) anxiety about the possibility of him rolling out of it and into a full body cast.

When we moved into the new place and set up Thor’s bed, I wasn’t really worried about him rolling out.  He hasn’t fallen out of his bed since he was about three-years-old, and that only happened once, or twice, and I had built a border of pillows to act as a bumper.  But lately, he has been saying he’s afraid he’s going to fall out, so I have been figuring out how to help his fear.

Originally, his bed looked like this:


The bed came with an extra panel, in the event that we wanted to remove the staircase from the side and use a regular bunk ladder.  I’ve had that up in his closet until today.  Today, I added hinges and a sliding bolt, and attached that to the bed rail.  The configuration was important.  I wanted to place the panel so that I could still (climb up the stepladder) and tuck him in, but I also wanted it to be placed so that he couldn’t just roll easily out of the bed from the head, or the foot.  Also, I needed to be able to move the panel enough to make the bed, hence the hinges.


And that should do it!

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