Midnight, Past Mother’s Day

And here is why I will never be an artist:  I think to myself, “I feel like painting.  I really want to paint [thisandsuch].”  And then I think, “Why is paint so messy?  I wish paint weren’t so messy.  I should just draw something instead.  Where are all the pens?”  And, of course, by the time I find a pen, the moment is gone.


Here is why I will never be an accomplished musician:  I spend so much time tuning the instrument, that all my patience for playing it is gone.


It was a very happy Mother’s Day, spent with my favorite people.  Mom and Thor played badminton in the backyard, while B and I stood inside watching.  Then Mom and I picked up a classmate of Thor’s and went bowling.  After that, birthday dinner for Mom.

My mother and my son. They get along so grandly!

I love having a mother.  I love being a mother.  I know exactly how fortunate I am in both cases, and I am so grateful for every moment.

There are times when I wish I had more children.  Listening to Thor explain to his friend’s siblings that he is an only child brought those feelings to the surface, today.  But I have this one.  And this one is an excellent one.  I am extremely fortunate.

I love being a mother, but most of all, I love being Thor’s mother.

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