As Good as it Gets

I picked Thor up this afternoon, and we ran over to WalMart to get some sprinkler heads for watering the lawn, and ended up with a couple of jump ropes, a kick scooter, and some plants.  We did manage the sprinkler heads as well, but those were nearly an afterthought.  When we got home, we ate dinner on the patio and watched the birds–we have several varieties living in the trees around us, most notably a very, very bold Robin Redbreast, and a curious Blue Jay.  After dinner, Thor rode his scooter up and down the sidewalk and climbed the tree, while I piddled around with the plants.  I could not have been happier.  This is exactly what I wanted for my child.

A neighborhood where he can play, and a yard to play in.

I started watering the back yard after I’d bored myself with the plants, and next thing I knew, there was Thor, right in the sprinklers.  No worry over how wet he was about to be.  Not a care in the world.

Birds chirping.  Wind chimes tinkling.  Thor laughing and squealing.  And later, B at home with his rumbly voice putting the finishing touches on my idea of heaven.

I remind myself that this is the part of my life that matters.  This is the part of my life that counts.  This is the part of my life that is the reason I put in the other, less pleasant hours.

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