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Nickelodeon Thinks I am Sexy

Well…after I posted my blog about what makes a sexy mama, I forgot about it and went on with getting moved into the new place. Imagine my surprise to open up my email to find a response from Nickelodeon, saying they were featuring me as part of their Sexy Mama Month. Imagine the laughter.

I know it wasn’t really me. It was the veil of Tom Jones, Salt-n-Pepa, and Nikki Sixx that disguised my Lumpy Space Princessness and made me look like a catch. That, or my confidence that whether or not anyone else finds me delightful, I enjoy my own company just fine. Which reminds me of an old blog entry I did on To The Nines and a t-shirt I made to wear to my Exotic Dance lessons.

It read, “I’d do me. I have done me. And I was fantastic!”

I might need to add that to the CafePress store. What do you think?


Happy. That about covers it.

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