Stars and Stripes

I got my official “Thanks, but no thanks,” letter from the racetrack. I will not be singing the National Anthem from over pile of horse droppings. I might audition again next year. At least next year I will know where to go, and won’t have to totter along for half a mile, down a gravel road, in high heels.

Last week, I started watching Fashion Star on OnDemand. I didn’t expect much, but was pleasantly surprised. Instead of it being obvious that the Personalities are going to be staying on Sewing Survivor Island, it appears to be all about performance. In fact, the most “reality show perfect” cast member was gone in the second episode.

I love the concept of the designers facing actual buyers and their successes being dependent upon the actual wearability of their clothes, rather than their ability to make a dress out of pop-tops. And, I really like that the designers can sell just a trouser, or a skirt, or an accessory. The process seems much less arbitrary. If you sell, you are safe. If you don’t sell, you face elimination. And the buyers represent a varied enough clientele (Saks on the high end, Macy’s for the minivan set, and H&M for the lower end fashion forward) that everyone really has a good opportunity to fill a niche in a market.

In the first episode, a girl showed a skirt that I was drooling for. Saks was too. They bought it and have sold it out (looks like they have restocked it since I last looked, and good! That skirt is fantastic!) Price point? $350. Same episode, H&M bought a very cute dress. Price point? $19.95. See what I mean?

While I might have to agree with one discarded designer that Jessica Simpson isn’t exactly high fashion, I have enjoyed what she brings to the show. She seems to be the Macy’s version of the mentor, where Nicole Richie is H&M, and John Varvatos is clearly the Saks level member of the panel. Very little to do with clothing is high fashion, and very little to do with clothing sold at Saks makes it into the average closet. I like the diversity and appreciation for variety in shopper.

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