The world is coming alive in our neighborhood.  The walk to school this morning was like the beginning of a Disney film.  Birds chirping and swooping down out of trees to whoosh up into others as we passed by, ducks quacking happily at each other, squirrels chasing one another around tree trunks and pausing to stare at us, everything in bloom (including my allergies) and beautiful.  And, even though Nature is trying to murder me by sneezing fits, I have come to love Spring best of all the seasons.

I used to like Fall best.  Crisp and red-gold, I loved the autumn air and the progression into winter as everything shed down to its survival minimum.  I think if I were still in Virginia, I would love Fall best.  Texas isn’t so pretty in October, you know.  But springtime?  At least where we live, in a very watered area, everything bursts open in color.

No, it isn’t actually Spring yet, and we are still facing March.  March can mean nasty ice for us, but at least this week it looks and feels like Spring, and the wildlife is enjoying it enough.