Socks to Warm Souls–Mission Accomplished

I haven’t done anything with Women Worth Knowing since last year, so readers may not be aware that at one point, we were collecting socks for elderly residents of nursing homes in DFW.  After a series of meet-ups, with me forgetting to bring the socks, I finally delivered the box to Renae Perry of The Senior Source last night.  70 pairs of slipper socks, to keep those wrinkled toes toasty.

While I have your attention, I do want to remind you that the elderly are frequently forgotten as they move into assisted living facilities.  If they don’t have family in the area, they may go the rest of their natural lives without ever having a visitor other than the people who are paid to look after them.  And if they are medicaid patients, without other incoming funds, they may not get the care that other residents get, whose families or finances make them more attractive to the community.  When you are looking at your giving, please consider sharing with the elderly in your area.  A Dollar Store donation of personal items (like shampoo, or toothbrushes, or body lotion–things that the residents of homes must provide for themselves, but may not have the money to buy) will go a long way toward making someone’s life brighter and easier to bear alone.


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