Last month, as part of my ongoing “learn more and save my brain” campaign, I read a biography on Catherine the Great, read up on small pox and the small pox vaccine, read up on inoculations in general, read up on two Russian Court artists of the 18th Century (and this is how well they struck me: I can’t even remember their  names off the top of my head), and did a very short study of serfdom in Russia.  Definitely worth my time, outside of the boring artists and the Court intrigues that set them in and out of favor with the reigning monarchs.

This month, I am already behind and haven’t read anything other than The Adventures of the Great Brain–and that, out loud to Thor at bedtime.  But, in starting that with him, I recalled that The Great Brain books affected my vernacular like few other books.  There are at least three phrases I use that come straight out of those books, the most used being “going like sixty” to mean moving quickly.

I find myself very busy at work, and love that.  It does cut into my reading time, and completely changes my aggressive self-study program.  But, I’ve also started working on getting out into the community.  I have applied to a volunteer position and will tell you more if I am accepted.  I am also going to visit a Daughters of the American Revolution meeting and start working on my membership.  I’m hoping that pans out.  If not, I will have to content myself with being a Daughter of Questionable Heritage.  Maybe I can start that group.

Bedtime for my monkey.  Time to go read more adventures of Tom Fitzgerald.