What do 10, 8, and Today Have in Common?

10 years ago, today, I had my first date with Bryan, who won my heart over when he said since there were noWhataburgers on top, he saw no reason to climb mountains.  The only other impressions left from that night (other than how much I liked him) are the worry I felt that he might think the squeaking of my leather pants on his leather car seat was something other than what it was, and that he was going to come away with a handful of faux hair when he kissed me goodnight.  He didn’t on either count, and he liked me well enough to marry me two years later.

That's pretty much us. Well, prior to the monkey.

8 years ago, today, I married Bryan.  My lasting impressions of that day are how much we laughed, how fabulous the Whataburger shaped groom’s cake was, and how much I loved every second of it.

See? We were shooting out the door for a drive to Galveston for our honeymoon cruise, and our photographer captured this.

To celebrate, B booked us into Ten Thousand Waves for a couple of days, where we took full advantage of the resort’s offerings and came away limp as noodle people.  We also did a whirlwind tour of Santa Fe and Taos.  Apparently, January is off-season, so a lot of places were closed, but we still managed to find amazing food at a little cafe in Taos, and Blue Corn and El Farol in Santa Fe.  We also ate at the Santa Fe Steamer because Bryan couldn’t pass up the opportunity to eat somewhere that sounded like the punchline of a Family Guy joke–the jokes I made throughout dinner.

I've given up on photos lately, but I did manage to capture us on the road in Santa Fe. 10 years later, still smiling. I think that's a good sign!

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