Even CNN is trying to tempt me to break my No Celebrity Gossip resolution.  Fie on them!  I will not fold!

I am not sure whether to be amazed or embarrassed by the amount of time I now realize I was spending on [specifics redacted because I had just typed way too much information about other people’s drama.]  I think embarrassed is the right way to go, and once the shock wears off, I’m sure I will be.  Meanwhile, I am simply agog at how very little I have to do on the internet now.  I check gmail, check facebook, read my comics and…then go back to my books.

I picked up a new one this morning, and by “picked up” I mean I added one to my Kindle.  I heard Connie Rice, cousin of the former Secretary of State by that same last name, on NPR, talking about her book about her struggles both against and with the LAPD in efforts to build a strong, healthy community.  Had to have it.  As soon as I finish Catherine the Great (whose reign’s naval prowess is impressing me just now) I’ll start on that one.  From one strong, world changing leader to another.  Impressive women.

I’m told that if I want to succeed in establishing myself as a blogger worth reading, I need to pick a topic and stick with it, becoming an expert in it.  Oops.  Never going to happen.  I can’t even stick with a hobby longer than it takes to master it, then I’m off to the next.  In fact, I’m due a new one.  Wonder what it’s going to be?