Onward to Victory!

It’s been a full day’s work, and I’m not close to finished, but after taking ten 13-gallon bags STUFFED with clothes to the donation site, I am confident that I have met my goal of being able to contain all of my clothing in half a closet and one chest of drawers.  Go team me!

That's 130 gallons of Thor's outgrown clothes, and my overgrown wardrobe right there.

Tonight, I am going through my troves of sleepwear and culling out that massive stash.  You see, the problem isn’t that I buy a lot.  The problem is that I am easy on my clothes, so just about everything I own is in nice condition, no matter how old it is.  In fact, one of the shirts I am keeping is–dare I admit it?  20 years old.  B likes it on me, so it gets to stay.

How that matters where sleepwear is concerned is that my sleepwear is in even better condition, as it is only ever slept in.  So I have scads of fluffy, pretty things that are so fluffy and pretty it is hard to part with them.  Kind of like the shoes (which go to their new home tomorrow).  It doesn’t hurt that back in the thin days, I always bought size large because I liked to swim in my clothes, so everything still fits.  However, I have given myself the two drawers in the bottom of our platform bed to house my sleepwear, and I am way out of room.  Time to move on.  Time to share the relative wealth.

Way too much laundry to do, but once it is done and everything is put away, it’s just maintenance.  Maintenance is easier than organization.

Organization is a pain!

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