I love this Paul McCartney ode to the Christmas spirit–and maybe love it all the more because it sounds like space aliens are adding their hoopy frood grooves to it.  It’s like Charlie Brown and Ford Prefect were in charge of the music.


Any version of the Carol of the Bells works for me, but I really do like the Trans-Siberian Orchestra’s.  And this one by the Celtic Women.  Although, I could do without the earnest staging.


Annie Lennox can do no wrong, and her version of The Holly and the Ivy is goosebump gorgeous.  So is she.  That woman is stunning.


Of the serious carols, O Come, O Come, Emmanuel is my deepest favorite.


And of the not-so-serious, I prefer to put on yarmulke and celebrate Hanukkah.  With Bowser from Sha-na-na and Arthur Fonzarelli.


The Christmas song that makes me the happiest, and always inspire me to squeal up to my highest vocal heights?  Oh, my Mimi!  All I Want for Christmas is You!  (Chair dancing and humming along as I type this. Happy!)


What’s your favorite?