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Days of Christmas: Holiday Have to Phone It In

I spent most of the past weekend in the hospital with my mother, whose personal twelve days of Christmas included three MRIs a’scanning, two mini-strokes a’having, and a long night in the ER [she’s okay, thankfully!]  Thus and so, I did not make the time to prepare a holiday gift guide for today–Frankly, I am exhausted.  Instead, I’d just like to tell you that I am thankful for good doctors, kind MRI techs, family and friends, and even relative strangers who care, and access to healthcare.  And the internet, through which I was able to contact and be contacted by all those family, friends, and caring relative strangers.

B and I have been catching up on that deliciously soapy series, The Tudors, and once I got over my personal chafing about the vagaries of history brought about by good storytelling (Gabrielle Anwar…so miscast.  Not a vagary of history, I’m just saying.) I started to really enjoy it.  But, like every show I watch, I find it making me wonder how I would feel in certain cases.  The Tudors reminds me of how fortunate I am to live in an age where communication is nothing more than a few clicks of a button, and healthcare is more than [not the] leeches [again!!!]

Some of my friends are having their first holiday seasons without members of their families.  Some of my friends are having their first divorced holiday seasons and are sharing custody of their children back and forth.  Some of my friends are sitting bedside of sick loved ones this season.  Several of my friends are still adjusting after several years of the same.  I want you to know I’m thinking of you and caring about you.

To make you smile, because it make me giggle like a fool this morning, I give you Celine Dion singing Feliz Navidad.  Oh, friends, she is REALLY serious about your Navidad being very, very Feliz.  Enjoy!

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  1. I spent the weekend in the hospital watching another wither and the spirit is eveywhere but in the hospital (~_~) wishing you a wonderful holiday season… dispite the obsticles

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