There's a world outside your window, y'all, and you can help feed it by purchasing one of these pretties.

I am copying and pasting directly from Julie Anne Rhodes’ website here:

ALL PROCEEDS [from the sales of the pendant featured above] BENEFIT SAVE THE CHILDREN’S HUNGER CRISIS FUND Spread the true spirit of the holidays this season by giving in two very meaningful ways with a limited-edition pendant designed by jeweler Jodi Zuletta.

Crafted from hammered Argentinian silver, the pendant features a glittering drop with iridescent crystal and tiny freshwater pearl accents. The fund provides relief to children facing starvation in the drought-ravaged countries of Ethiopia, Kenya, and Somalia.

More than 29,000 children under the age of six have already perished with another quarter million more expected before the drought ends. One-hundred percent of the monies from every sale will be donated directly to the Children’s Hunger Crisis Fund to provide children in need with food, water, and medicine.

Complete your holiday shopping and save children at the same time – one gift will put a smile on two faces!

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Julie Anne is a tireless crusader against hunger, and this is one of her ways of giving her audience an opportunity to share what they have with others.

For solutions closer to home, Feeding America is accepting donations to help put food on the tables of hungry Americans.  At their website, you can find and donate to a group in your geographic location.

In Texas, I choose to donate to the North Texas Food Bank, a charity we have supported for six years.

Wherever you are, and whatever you are able to do, I urge you to donate.  If you can spare a single dollar as donation to charity, especially this time of year, please do.  Drop a handful of dimes in the Salvation Army bucket.  Give online to the charity of your choice.  Give directly to people you know who are in need.  Every penny helps.

There are literally thousands of ways to help people, whether you are the 1%, the 53%, or the 99% remember that we are all the 100% and if nothing else, this season has come to mean celebrating the story of a truly wonderful gift.  I’m sure there are babies out there today who could use a little modern myrrh, if you get my meaning.

P.S., I dare you not to sing along!

I also dare you not to look at all that 80s hair without laughing. That Boy George…that man’s voice is amazing.  I’m going to go dig out my Culture Club albums now.