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Days of Christmas: Holiday Have to Read–Comics

I’ve been a comic junkie for as long as I can remember, and though I haven’t bought a lot of comic books for myself (aside from the Archies, Spiderman, and Superman comics that my grandmother let me buy when I spent summers with her) I never turn up my nose at a good strip.  I will even admit to being a fan of Elf Quest.  I have a group of strips I read daily, as part of my morning routine.  As part of today’s Holiday Guide, I’m sharing my absolute favorites.

1.  Sinfest

This comic by Tatsuya Ishida updates M-Su with a full color strip on Sunday.  My favorites are the Percy and Pooch strips, featuring “The Artist’s” pets in action, but I also love Ishida’s Devil Girl story lines, and his current treatment of feminism.

Monique checks out the patriarchy.

2.  Girls with Slingshots

I love, love, love, love, love Danielle Corsetto’s strip about friends.  This one also updates M-F, making me very happy.  Girlfriends, a talking cactus, ghost cats, and the most human and humane treatment of relationships of all kinds I’ve seen in any format.

And maybe because it reminds me of my friendship with Amy.

3.  Multiplex

Life in a movie theater by Gordon McAlpin, my only complaint is that this one doesn’t update frequently enough!  Only M and Th, but always worth the wait.  Right now, the Multiplex gang are filming their own zombie movie, and it’s as much fun watching how McAlpin’s art changes with scenes from the movie, back to scenes from “reality” as it is waiting to see who gets eaten next.

ZOMBIES! How could you not love it?

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