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Days of Christmas: Holiday Have to Do–Locked Out Comedy Improv

As I am putting together these blogs, I am realizing what amazingly creative people I know!  Today’s holiday tip comes from my friend Sheila Cooper, member of one of Dallas’ premier improv comedy troupes, Locked Out Comedy.  If you aren’t local to DFW, I highly suggest finding an improv group near you, and spending a couple of hours laughing.  Nothing makes the holidays brighter than a good belly laugh.

Thanksgiving is past and the Official Holiday Rush has started. That means pumpkin pie, Aunt Sylvia’s famous dressing and listening to Uncle Joe’s war stories for the 250th time. Show your relatives how to really have fun and bring them to Locked Out Comedy’s New Years Eve  show.

Join us at ScreenFX Academy, 6505 W. Park Blvd in Plano. Show time is 7pm. Please check for more info.

Scientists say that laughing is a great exercise so go ahead, have another helping of potatoes. You’ll burn off the calories with us later.

Locked Out Comedy is fast, funny and family friendly comedy improv. Funny enough for a bachelorette party yet clean enough for your dear sweet  Grandma. Not only does Locked Out Comedy bring on the funny with improvisational comedy, we have a talented bunch of script writers among us. Check out some of our videos on YouTube.

Soon holiday parties will be starting. Who wants another year of watching the boss sing “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer” while draped in garland? I don’t! Bring the fun folks of Locked Out Comedy to your company event. There will be laughter, fun and who knows, maybe we can get that nerd in accounting to lighten up! And I don’t care what kind of prints the copier made…I was NOT in the mail room with Greg, the intern.

Call us at214-995-4013 or check us out at

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