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Days of Christmas: Holiday Have to Hear–Transistor Tramps

As I said the other day, I have the pleasure of knowing some very creative, talented people.  Among those people is David Sebrind, the synths and programming mastermind behind Transistor Tramps, a post punk, new wave quintet from Dallas.  Transistor Tramps is releasing their first CD this month.

I love it when my friends find success!

I’ve known David since high school, and though we fell out of contact during the college years, I was thrilled to see him on a mutual friend’s Facebook, and reconnect and rediscover his amazing talent.  He has lent his musical creativity and skill to several local bands over the years, coming to gel with Transistor Tramps after working with two of the other founding members on the soundtrack for an indie film  in 2008.

With Elle Hurley on vocals, the music evokes early Berlin for me, but darker and more slickly produced, with an Industrial feel.  Think if John Crawford and Trent Reznor had a baby girl using Terri Nunn as a surrogate, then got Matt Johnson to nanny for them.  That is Transistor Tramps–and someone I want to have drinks with.  This is definitely a project that should get attention for its cohesiveness, originality, and style.  I could absolutely hear it as soundtrack to a modern Bad Influence–the so bad it’s good movie (who wants to see young James Spader playing a good guy?  peh.)  that turned me on to Front 242 and Skinny Puppy.

So check it out and “like” Transistor Tramps on Facebook to keep up with the band.  After they go bigtime, you can brag that you “knew them when.”

Release Party promo.

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