My “gratitude” today is:  I am thankful for slipstreams of memory.

I was driving in to work and the traffic, the weather, the season, and my stuffy head made for the perfect storm and I found myself traveling through thirty years of memories.  It was like crossing ghosts of myself at every block.

  • That’s where I took ice skating lessons.
  • That’s where the car broke down.
  • That’s where Thor saw his very first snow.
  • That’s where they served such good pancakes.
  • That’s where the prettiest lights were.
  • That’s where B and I had lunch–no better lunch in the world.
  • That’s where I had my first dinner date.
  • That’s where Jamie/Byron/Karen/Mom/ and I did x/y/z/b back in junior high/high school/college/last year.
  • This is where I have been happy.