Things I Like

Have you ever visited The Hairpin?  That is one of my favorite websites.  The articles are smart, funny, and legitimately helpful.  I highly recommend.


Some other recommendations:

  • CoverGirl Lash Blast Mascara  I bought this in the checkout line of Walgreens on a day that I realized I had forgotten to pack my mascara into my gym bag.  This is my new favorite mascara.
  • Sally Hansen Lip Inflation lip gloss in Bare  For a nude lip, you can’t beat this gloss.  It’s got just enough color that your lips aren’t corpselike, and just enough plumping agent that you get a nice natural color under the shimmer-gloss.  This is a must have for neutral makeup days.
  • Scunci Bobby Pins  My hair secret.  I use bobby pins like most people use hairspray.  These are the best I’ve found.  They do cost more, but they hold and don’t slip.  Love them.
  • K-Y Touch  I’m gonna slip this in here because we’re mostly adults and even if we aren’t, it’s useful information.  I hate feeling sticky, greasy, or oily.  This is none of the above, and I don’t have the compulsive urge to stop whatever I am doing and go wash my hands no matter what else I might be missing.
  • Jim Parrack  The guy who plays Hoyt Fortenberry on True Blood.  I love being able to say when I meet actors who are kind people.  When I met Jim, he was a true sweetheart, and that delighted me because Hoyt is my favorite TB character.
  • Pilar Alessandra of On The Page  I met Pilar through my high school compadre, the lovely and talented Laura House, when I took her Coffee Break Screen Writer workshop.  I think I learned more in those 3 hours about drafting out a storyline, than I learned in all my years of college.  If you are so inclined, you MUST get one of Pilar’s books, or attend her workshops.
  • Weight Watchers Toasted Coconut Dreambars  Oh. My. Word.  So tasty.  So sinfully tasty.
  • Jag Jeans Pelly Crop Pant  These are my favorite pants, and I am going to be really sad when I shrink out of them, as I almost have done.  Mine are chocolate brown, soft as butter, and are more comfortable than anything else I own.  And I got them marked down at Nordstrom Rack, so the price made me happy, too.
  • Free Air and Water  My husband’s blog.  I am always trying to decide if he is smarter, or better looking because, y’all, he is brilliant and handsome.


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