The Book

SO Official It Hurts…but only when I laugh

Grace asked me if it ever got exhausting “pimping all [my] stuff”. No. I only tell you about what I think is worth knowing, and all the typing keeps my pimp hand strong.

I’m very excited about this: My official Author Page.

I have such a huge sense of relief knowing that the book is out the door, and soon we should see some reviews start to straggle in. Meanwhile, if you’ve read it already, we’d love to see YOUR feedback on Amazon or Barnes and Noble. Your feedback is what really matters. We would also appreciate any word of mouth. It’s our first novel, and along with the work our publisher is doing, we are grassroots marketing all the way.

What’s very funny to me is that I never realized just how bad I am at success. That is, I have absolutely no idea how to be successful without being self-deprecating, and that just defeats the purpose when your further success depends on your ability to be excited about the work you’ve done. “Aw, shucks,” doesn’t cut it.

The good news is that I got to the root of why I am so concerned about saying, “Why, yes, I did do that, and I think it’s quite good. Thank you!” Now, hopefully, I can work on learning to be as self-possessed, assured, and matter-of-fact about my actual hard work and the fruits thereof, as the inspiring June Graham of June Bijou Jewelry.

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