Women Worth Knowing

Women Worth Knowing: Meet Kerri

You know that really cute, popular girl, who defies all teenaged logic by being an amazing person? Oh, she’s got some salt in her, but she’s a completely decent human being, who also just happens to be beautiful, and talented, and smart, and funny. You know that girl? That girl grows up to be Kerri.

Shazza, Sherri, Kerri, Kimmie, Lane and Simon Le Fauxn.
As I met so many great women, I met Kerri on the “Big Brown Ugly Ass Couch” forum, at what was formerly John Taylor’s website. It was a couple of years of posting back and forth–and the ladies of the BBUAC posted on that forum like most people IM, so the conversation was flying all the time–before Suzanne threw a party for the Dallas locals. I met Kerri there in person, and she was even better than she was on paper.

Like I said, cute, popular girl, who is a completely decent human being, and a wonderful person. Wherever she is, there is a crowd. And whenever there is a crowd, Kerri is a standout. You can’t help but want to know her. She’s shiny!

Kerri is good to her friends and family. She is generous with her life, if you know what I mean. She opens her home without reservation, and once she’s taken you into her heart, you can guarantee she’ll help if you need it. She inspires loyalty in return. You just want to be around her!

She is quite modest, given the abundance of talent she possesses. She is an artist and musician, she’s a great cook. She is a wife and mother, with four great kids, who are all clearly well-loved. And even with so little time for herself, she still pulls off Stylish and Fierce.

I am very grateful to know this talented, creative, smart, funny, beautiful woman, and get to be among the crowd of fans orbiting her. Hers is one gravitational pull you won’t mind drawing you in.

Meet Kerri.

I don't know why, but this is one of my all-time favorite pictures of Kerri. It's just very "her".
Name: Kerri Bittenbender Bordelon
Age range: 42
Preferred Job Title: College student currently (in addition to a myriad of other possible titles, including mother, nurturer and menial paper pusher. Oh, let’s not forget Goddess ;). )
Industry: previously dentistry; eventually Counseling/Health Advocate

Who are you?
I’m constantly expanding in regards to that question! I’m someone who believes we never stop growing, mentally and emotionally. I’m always seeking ways to learn and be inspired. I’m a mother of 4 children, a wife, a good friend. I’m someone who is constantly questioning and looking for answers, someone who seeks to make this world a better place. I’m someone who wants to travel more, live more, laugh even more than I already do. And I laugh an awful lot. Loudly. I’m a lover of music, art, people. I adore my friends. I love throwing pottery, taking photos, making music.

You’ve gone back to college after a number of years. How is it different from your first campus experience?
Going back to school is something I’ve been striving for at least 20 years. This time I’m really doing it! It’s been a terrific experience; although it was a little daunting at first. I thought I’d be the old lady on the campus, but come to find out that wasn’t quite true. There’s quite a few of us! Texas Woman’s University has been an incredible experience for me.

Everyone there is united in their purpose and the spirit on that campus is almost tangible. It’s exciting and I see light at the end of this tunnel finally. Another part of my finishing this degree that is so important to me is to show my children exactly how a college education can change their lives for the better. I think they see their mom having to study so much and it makes an impression on them..I see them working even harder in their schoolwork, just to keep up with me!

What do you want to be when you grow up?
After I finish this degree, I hope to be in a hospital environment as a counselor/health advocate. I’ve always had an interest in medical studies and at this point in my life, the thought of helping others find the resources necessary for their loved ones is very appealing to me. I’m a helper by nature and this fits me. With our society aging, this type of counseling will be necessary in many areas. That’s if I don’t get the gig as a back-up singer for Duran Duran or something.

What does the first hour of your day look like?
I typically get up at least an hour before everyone else. It gets pretty busy around here once everyone is up and about, so I value a little me time. The first thing I do is get my coffee ready (a necessity!) and the second thing I do is turn on some music (also a necessity!). The television is almost never turned on if I can help it.

The last hour of my day?
The last hour of my day typically looks the same as the first, minus the coffee!

What women do you admire?
I’m fortunate to have some amazing women friends. Women who are out there working hard to achieve their goals, while being amazing mothers, partners, friends. I admire women who overcome whatever obstacle may be in their way. I have three daughters and I want them to recognize that they are strong, brilliant and can do anything their hearts desire. I hope they will see me as someone they admire.

What do you like best about yourself?
Open-minded. Always ready for what’s next. Laughter.

How do you want to be remembered?
Hopefully I’ll be remembered as someone who loved well, accomplished a few things, made someone happy. That works for me.

5 thoughts on “Women Worth Knowing: Meet Kerri”

  1. Kerri, you have always made me happy. I loved this article about you. (You could also be a DJ!) 😀 …and very good at “Name That Tune”

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