These Are Such Good Times

I don’t know if you read Nile Rodgers’ blog, but it is certainly worth a looksee. I love Nile. Lovelovelove. Le Freak, by Chic is one of the first songs I can remember really grooving to and getting. I mean, I understood that rhythm. That song, and Don’t Go Breaking My Heart, are inextricably tied to summer for me, and anytime I hear them, I am immediately transported poolside, hearing them on a transistor radio. I also always wanted to do my hair like his. As I discovered, I would never be able to accomplish his, or my other hairstyle icon, Cher’s, locks. Poor little blonde girl.

Nile has also produced some of my favorite songs. I can almost tell you when he has touched it. Nile brings music to life. There is real joy when he finishes with a track.

Listen, I like pop music. I like disco. I love funk. You know why? The world is hard enough already. I want to be able to dance while I’m living it. I really don’t care how stupid, or unoriginal it is. If it makes my shoulders happy, and I can dance to it, I’m on board.

How can you not be happy when you hear this? You hear that bass? How can you not dance to this?

I owe Nile Rodgers a debt of gratitude for all the joy his music has brought into my life. I owe a lot of musicians.

Maybe I’ll start posting about songs I find meaningful. That could be fun.

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