Women Worth Knowing: Meet Rebecca

I was headed to bed when I saw Becca’s Q&A come through, and then I couldn’t sleep for stringing superlatives together like popcorn for a Christmas tree. I love Rebecca Ash. Love. She is probably the most genuinely transparent person I have ever met. She is so much too good to be true that you keep waiting for the other shoe to drop–thing is, it never will. She is just that much of a good thing. She also has the best. hair. ever.

Technically, and I mean very technically in an MTV sort of way, I am old enough to be this child’s mother. Tell you what, I would be proud to claim her. Maybe the best way to describe her is in the vernacular of her generation: Rebecca is very chill. Chill as in (from the urban dictionary–wow, I’m old) cool, tight, wicked, sweet, nice, and easy going. It’s impossible not to like her. She’s just a human confection of delight.

She also knows all the best places to hang out, always has something going on, and it is a good thing we didn’t share our twenties, because I think we would have gotten into a lot of trouble together!

What I like best about Rebecca is her generosity of spirit. She is generous with her time, generous with her praise, generous with her person, generous with her social circle, and will always welcome you into her world with open arms. She is fearless when it comes to sharing, which is probably a byproduct of a big family, but I think speaks highly of the love and self-confidence her parents built into her.

Like I said, I love Rebecca, and I think you will too. Meet Rebecca.

Name: Rebecca Ash
Age Range: 26
Preferred Job Title: banker
Industry: banking, hence the title

What do you like best about being from a big family? I am loved by so many people. They ALL have had an impact on shaping my character.

What makes a great night out for Rebecca Ash? friends at a hole in the wall or preferably a patio bar with karaoke or live music

You have the most amazing, positive outlook–how do you keep the good energy flowing? thanks, i am truly blessed and realize that whatever it is i’m going through that i should not complain because there is always somebody who has it a little worse. plus nobody likes a whiner!

Describe your family: large! ha ha they are simply the best though. they are always there to tell me when i’m making a mistake or to encourage me. they love me unconditionally. we are very religious but not in a “holier than thou” way. more in a lead by example way. i am lucky to be related to some very strong people who are truly some of the best people i know. starting with my parents.

What does the first hour of your day look like? i rush around like a maniac! i am always late wherever i go.

The last hour? reading a good book, most the time it’s a sweet, funny and uplifting one.

What makes you feel successful? knowing that what i’ve done for someone has made life either a little easier or a little happier for someone. “one word or a pleasing smile is enough to raise a sad or wounded soul” -Mother Therese

What brings you joy? oh lots of things, family and friends and lots of sunshine! i am a pretty happy girl so most the time it’s the small things. being able to spend time with my nephew is at the top of the list.

What women do you admire? my mother and grandmother. they are the best examples for most women. they work hard and are dedicated to their families and the church. they have taught me to appreciate what is really important in life, to be otherworldly.

What do you like best about your closest friend? Jamie is an independent , confident woman. She doesn’t sweat the small stuff. She is extremely loyal and can make me laugh so hard i cry.

What do you like best about yourself? i try to give most people the benefit of the doubt and i’m never too proud to say i’m sorry.

What advice would you give boys about girls? to know that the nice guy doesn’t always finish last and that it is incredibly attractive to meet a gentleman.

How do you overcome adversity? kill ’em with kindness and if that doesn’t work. smash them like a bug! ha ha some people need to be put in their place.

How do you want to be remembered? this question is morbid! ha ha i hope to be remembered as everyone’s best friend. i hope i can make an impact on the small amount of people i come across and i hope they can laugh at me!

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