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American Idol: The Girls

I haven’t watched Idol since the Soul Patrol season (which just ruined it for me), and I’ve only been watching off and on since the new season started. I have a morbid fascination with J-Lo, and a nasty crush on that old Moss Witch (TM Gawker), Steven Tyler, so I haven’t switched it off as soon as I realized I had it on Idol this go around. Tonight? Oh my word! I am so hooked!

The guys didn’t send me so much, but these women can sing! Pia Toscana, Lauren Turner, and Lauren Alaina made my night. Very, very different styles, but all of them just wailing! Listen, anyone who can sing I’ll Stand By You (which is my secret heart song for Thor) and not ruin it has my respect, but to sing it, make it their own, and just tear it up? Wow. Just wow. I really loved tonight.

I also love that the worst critic is Randy. No mean-spiritedness. No ugliness. Just some really good talent, and some well spoken judges. Not to mention how easy on the eyes Jennifer Lopez is.

So who is going home? Poor Rachel Zevita. Didn’t she look beautiful though? That red lipstick was sensational on her, and I loved her dress, and her glossy hair (I’m Paula Abdul now–your singing…well, you look gorgeous!) You just can’t do that to a Fiona Apple song. I thought Ta-Tynisa Wilson was weak, as was Julie Zorrilla. Any one of those three could be seeing the door.

You know who did really well, and whose performance I expected to make me want to stab my ears? Naima Adedapo. I truly enjoyed her version of Summertime. I hadn’t thought much of her through the audition process, and couldn’t figure out why they kept her around, but I think I see the reason now.

I love that these kids all have stage confidence. It makes so much difference.

Guess I’ll have to keep watching now.

1 thought on “American Idol: The Girls”

  1. BWAHAHAHA!! You know Steven Tyler is right up your alley given your love of skeevy men. He hits every single skeeve button dead center.

    (but he does seem to be a nice guy…)

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