This is what 206 lbs looks like.  That’s what I weigh.  You would be surprised, at least I am always surprised, by the number of people who ask me my number.  I’m never quite sure how to take the reaction either.

Most of the time I get, “no way!”  Like 206 is some mammoth number.  The other reaction is that I am so brave to admit I weigh more than 165 lbs.  Clearly, I am not thin, so what does it matter?  It’s like being brave for being photographed without makeup.  It’s what I look like.  What’s brave about looking like myself?

We get so hung up on shapes and sizes.  So my backside doesn’t look like Giselle’s?  It is functional and does everything it is supposed to do.  So does the rest of me.  I am fine with it, whether anyone else is, or not.