This is what 206 lbs looks like.  That’s what I weigh.  You would be surprised, at least I am always surprised, by the number of people who ask me my number.  I’m never quite sure how to take the reaction either.

Most of the time I get, “no way!”  Like 206 is some mammoth number.  The other reaction is that I am so brave to admit I weigh more than 165 lbs.  Clearly, I am not thin, so what does it matter?  It’s like being brave for being photographed without makeup.  It’s what I look like.  What’s brave about looking like myself?

We get so hung up on shapes and sizes.  So my backside doesn’t look like Giselle’s?  It is functional and does everything it is supposed to do.  So does the rest of me.  I am fine with it, whether anyone else is, or not.

3 responses to “206”

  1. Dona Hightower Perkins Avatar
    Dona Hightower Perkins

    Kudos to you for so many reasons! I am wavering between 190 and 191, and I hate it. Not enough to get off my duff and work out, mind you, but hate it just the same. We are so much more than that one number, yet it trips us up every time. Thanks for sharing, Lane…you are an amazingly confident and beautiful woman! 🙂

  2. Amen. Being happy being you is really all that matters, and you are gorgeous, and funny, and smart, and kind … really, who wouldn’t be happy being you?

  3. I remember when I was 206 lbs. It seems like a lifetime ago! I think you look great and thin is over-rated (at least that’s what my very thin mom used to tell me all the time)! I have quite a ways to go before I hit 206 again . . . and I am working up the bravery to admit my weight . . . It’s something I hope to blog about soon as I start the journey towards weight loss once again.

    I think we put entirely way too much emphasis on pounds. According to my daughter’s pediatrician, her bmi puts her at slightly overweight. I looked at my daughter (who is 6 and wears size 6/7 clothes), then I looked at the doc and just rolled my eyes. I’m 5’4″ . . . according to the bmi chart, I should be about 125 lbs. I haven’t seen 125 lbs since I was in middle school! Now in high school I hovered between 165 and 180 . . . I look back at those pictures and I looked hot!

    I’m rambling. I tend to do that in the wee hours of the morning . . . but yes, I second the kudos to you . . . and not for admitting your weight, but for doing what so many of us forget to do, what most of us were taught as children . . . not worrying about what anyone else thinks, because the only person who’s opinion of you matters, is yours!

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