Probing Thoughts

A couple of years ago, my mother went in for her first routine colonoscopy and was diagnosed with colo-rectal cancer. Today, with 3/4s less colon than she had in 2008, she is alive and kicking, and otherwise very healthy. I am certainly thankful. Her ordeal is one of the reasons I have my own anal probe scheduled for Monday.

I am also having an endoscopy to check out the damage of 40 years worth of reflux action. That should be really exciting. I’ll be honest that I’m a little worried about that one. I have a badly deviated septum, which causes me to be a bit of a mouthbreather sometimes, and I don’t like the idea that my secondary airway will be impacted. (Now that Thor is old enough not to fracture my nose with his head (again), I should get that septum fixed. I should also get my upper wisdom teeth out. It’s amazing how much of my own health I have put off, or straight up neglected in the past six years. From the time I got pregnant, it all went on hold. My world has been completely Thorcentric. If it didn’t have to do with him, it didn’t get looked at.)

My mom is taking the day off to schlep me around to surgery centers, and has promised she won’t let me go shopping while still under the influence of anesthesia. She was always pretty funny after her c-scopies–all five of them. I hope I’m at least amusing. I am just twisted enough that I am considering doing a video post, but then I might tell you things you don’t want to know.

I mean, I will end up telling you those things anyway. I always do. But probably best that I do it outside the influence of a medication, huh?

In other news, I have several WWK profiles in the pipeline, and hope to start posting those next week. I know some really incredible women. I have also reached out to women I don’t know, and have had great responses from those who…responded. No one has said no. Some people just haven’t answered at all. Of course, I am reaching out to women who are incredibly busy. I take that back. I’ve had one no. But that was a fashion journalist celebrity, and I got a very kind response from her PR flack, saying that the project was too small for her consideration. That sounds harsh, but it really was a kind response.

I’ll just keep plugging away.

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