Comment Giveaway–Almost there!

We are so close to the 200th comment! Just a few more and we’ll be there, and #200 wins my giveaway.

Maybe you can be a double winner? Leave a comment with your idea for an updated tagline for The Outside Lane, and you might win that contest, too!

6 responses to “Comment Giveaway–Almost there!”

  1. Let it be me!!! Please!!!! I need a prize!!! LOL

  2. I’m just commenting because you’re site is worth it! I Love what you write!!

  3. Dona Hightower Perkins Avatar
    Dona Hightower Perkins

    Pick me! Pick me! I need a pick-me-up right now! 🙂

    1. You are comment 200! Yay! **confetti**
      Message me your mailing address on Facebook, please. =)

      1. Oh poop! Only one off!

        Well, maybe you can post another v-log and that’ll be good too.

      2. You can always enter the tagline contest! And I’ll be doing a bigger giveaway at 500 comments =)

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